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Who We Are

We are Oxford's first and only impact driven pre-accelerator programme for aspiring student entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality. We encourage idea development related to the Sustainable Development Goals, across health, education and environmental wellbeing.


We support students at the very early stages of their entrepreneurship, starting from idea development to funding pitch training.

Our pre-accelerator programme aims to inspire students to realise their potential and explore entrepreneurship through providing a wide range of workshops led by experts within and outside of the University.

As an incubator, we offer start-ups and new ventures all the resources they need to succeed.


We firmly believe that entrepreneurship holds the power to positively change the world, whether it be environmentally, socially, or economically.

As an impact-driven start-up pre-accelerator and incubator, we strive to make social impact by inspiring more students to develop start-up ideas that change the world for the better.


We encourage student entrepreneurs to think out of the box and develop their own start-up idea and provide necessary resources and support to turn their goals into reality.

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